How the Empowerment Network Operates

Empowerment Network Defined

Let’s begin with getting around the nitty-gritty of the terminology under consideration:
“As the name implies, it refers to objectives, studies, research, designs, plans, initiatives, and implementations of communal interests and advantages through the community members, voluntary groups and various charitable organizations that are usually organized and managed at a central government level. The prime aim of such a platform is to develop and give rise to community participation at micro-levels for the general uplift of the society.”
Since the involvement process is community-based, the active members set up meeting schedules at predefined intervals to fetch issues of relevance and pertinence under discussion with respect to reformation strategies.

Classification Of Empowerment

Speaking in a broader sense, the process of empowerment can be categorized into 5 distinct types as stated beneath:

Economic Empowerment, letting people gain the know-how of generating wealth and financial resources
Political Empowerment, letting people organize themselves on political grounds to make their own decisions
Cultural Empowerment, letting people retain and/or revive their routine wants such as language, food, outfit, spiritual beliefs, and thought processes
Societal Empowerment, letting people perform as a whole while they live, work, and play together as a communal society
National Empowerment, letting the people of a nation have the ability to access decision-making powers for themselves, giving rise to sovereignty

The Modus Operandi Of Empowerment Network

The network first identifies and determines priorities, objectives, and standard criteria. Its members predominantly serve as conveners, activators, supporters, planners, counselors, and financial solicitors, working on a predefined set of procedures. The ways and means that enable them to acquire their motives are simply denoted as the 4 E’s which can be enlisted as below:

Engagement of the community as a single unit in all matters of common interest
Education of the community members to make them realize their rights and goals, and the process of achieving them to their fullest
Empowerment of the community to lead them along the path of self-contemplation and self-decision
Excellence striving in every walk of life for the masses at the community level

The Concepts Underlying The Process

Community development doesn’t come easy. It requires great efforts, untiring attitude, and an unflinching approach. Here, we aim at simplifying the principles that lie at its foundation:
Creating, assisting and fostering healthy and positive changes

Collecting, connecting and convening the community participants via a call to action
Work in togetherness in order to readjust and reinvest in whatever ways the needs arise

The Professional Working Ethics Behind

Through its well-devised mannerism, the network aims at attaining measurable outcomes. This end is achieved via ample research, generating trends and preparing precise statistical data wherever its operation takes place on a global scale. It brings out the core issues confronted by a given community in an attempt to deliver leadership development opportunities that capacitate firms and organizations. And, last but certainly not the least, generation of fiscal resources lies at the helm of all efforts made to aid and implement decisions pertaining to common interests and benefits.

A Video Speaks A Million Words At A Go

Here is a video link to the above topic to let you comprehend visually, after getting through it textually.